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hi! i'm liz g, and i make games! or, well, i used to, but it's been a while. so i made this! to prove to myself i can still make a game!

you play as CAT. she's cool. likes to jump on things. you're looking for your girlfriend, DOG. hide and seek world champion! where the heck is she!

press a to jump

collect 100 coins to get a powerup, press s to select a powerup, then press s again to use it

the powerups are:  heart - refills life gauge fully,  enemy - kills all enemies on screen, high jump - sorry this one kinda sucks, but maybe you'll find a use for it (especially if you're speedrunning)

9 levels with 5 screens each!

no save feature, sorry, you just have to play it all in one sitting like mario 1 (you only get sent back to the beginning of the level you're on if you die, i'm not THAT old school lol)

the game's free, but if you like it i'd really appreciate if you bought the soundtrack, available at hellvalleyskytrees.bandcamp.com/album/cat-game-soundtrack

made with clickteam fusion 2.5

update 11-15-2020: press ; to restart game, fixed minor bug in 7-1

Updated 20 days ago
Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer


catgame2020.exe 34 MB
catgame2020update1.exe 34 MB


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This is pretty cute